VoIP – Unified Communication

Successful Unified Communications Implementation

Unified Communications (UC) comprises of many such elements such as Telephony, E-Mail, Chat, Voice Mail, Fax and Web Services. As today enterprises make long term plans to adopt Unified Communications (UC), they are deploying Voice over IP (VoIP) to anchor their strategies. Maintaining a consistent Quality of Experience (QoE) is critical to realizing the benefits of this unified approach. If you are going to achieve greater business productivity and reduce IT expense then a cohesive management system needs to manage both data applications and Voice Services (IP Telephony). You need visibility into your Unified Communication deployment regardless of its complexity or your choice of technology vendors

What Phase is Your VoIP Deployment At!

Planning:  Your Network may not be designed for IP Telephony, and you need to provide a solid foundation for your new deployment.   A Network Assessment will allow you to understand what changes need to be made in the network to support your new VoIP application.

Manage:  Now you need to maintain the service level, availability and the quality.  Your network is changing all the time you need the tools to ensure you can solve problems quickly and realize the ROI on your systems

Improve:  Now that you are installed you to need reporting to ensure that you continually improve and discover areas that have not met your required SLA and be prepared to understand your increased capacity

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