Where has all the Time Gone

Accurate time of day is important in communications centers and public safety answering points (PSAPs) for time stamping events.  Without accurate time different equipment or systems displays record different times.  There is no correlation or certainty of start/end times for events and tasks and you are left vulnerable to litigation.   The province of Quebec as part of the Civil Protection Act has recently required all 9-1-1 emergency centers ensure that the telephony components and computer systems be synchronized with the official time of the National Research Council of Canada at all times.

Time synchronization with Legal Traceable Time of all your equipment in an emergency call centre (CAD, Radio, VoIP- ANI/ALI, Voice Recorders, etc.) is critical to improve quality of operations, response times and documentation for legal proceedings. This is why the trade organization, National Emergency Number Association (NENA) has determined requirements for synchronized time through the use of master clocks.

The most accurate, secure and reliable method of synchronizing a local installation is through the GPS satellite signals. GPS reception is available everywhere on earth and its time accuracy is traceable to national metrology institutes such as the National Research Council (NRC) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Use of a GPS timing signal is the first step to synchronizing the components of your telephony, radio, and computer systems with the official time of the NRC.

When reviewing components for GPS time consider these 5 points

  1. An integral GPS receiver
  2. Network Time Server
  3. Timing outputs for other systems and devices in a communications center
  4. Highly secure web browser interface.
  5. A backup in case of signal loss or the  GPS is disabled or unavailable

Learn more about systems to deliver Legal-Traceable Time  to your center at: http://www.telnetnetworks.ca/en/telnet-networks-partners/partner-spectracom/nctsmc.html