NetClock® GPS Time Server/ Master Clock at APCO 2012

Spectracom NetClock 9483Synchronize Critical Systems and Operations to Coordinate Emergency Efforts with Legally Traceable Time

Spectracom’s NetClock 9483 offers a versatile modular design that’s fully NENA compliant and tailored especially for Emergency Communication Center applications. Our 5th generation NetClock continues the legacy of compliance with NENA PSAP Master Clock Standard #04-002 and NENA Security Standard #75-001 including added features to support NG-911 initiatives.

A key feature of the 9483 is its capability of time-synchronizing multiple separate networks. The modular design provides expansion card slots, one of which is the multi-network port GigE option card providing synchronization for up to (4) networks simultaneously. Cards can be selected at time of order, or field upgradeable in the future as system requirements change and evolve.

NetClock 9483 features include:

  • Synchronizes 9-1-1 systems, computer networks, CAD, radio consoles, VoIP, voice and video recorders, ANI/ALI, display clocks
  • Precision GPS time reference with OCXO oscillator for GPS back-up
  • Multi-network port card for separate, isolated networks
  • Optional feature of Dual- Redundant (AC/DC) power
  • Optional T1/E1 timing card•Optional Precision Time Protocol (PTP IEEE-1588) master/slave card
  • Backward compatibility to all previous NetClock designs and their interfaces
  • 5 year warranty

If you are attendiing APCO conference come see us Booth #1207 or contact us here for more information