Customization Nation with Sapling Digital Clocks

Sapling Clocks 6 Digit Digital ClockNo matter the product, everyone has different tastes and styles they prefer. Because of this, people really enjoy the ability to customize the items they purchase to meet these preferences. Giving customers the option to personalize their product or service has benefited many different companies in many different industries.

Let’s take the shoe industry as an example. Nike has been wildly successful with the Nikeid option on their website. This option gives their patron the option to customize any type of shoe they want with any combination of colors. The car industry has also jumped on the customization bandwagon. Almost every major car company has an option on their website for their customers to customize the make, model, color, accessories and so much more.

The Sapling Company understands the importance of customization and as the manufacturer of synchronized time systems; Sapling has an array of options to satisfy the broadest of needs. We offer four different synchronized time system options, including: Wired, Wireless, Talkback, and IP. These systems include a master clock at the center of the network and multiple secondary clocks that display the accurate time. The master clock is updated with the accurate time from NTP of GPA, and then sends a signal to the secondary clocks. More specifically within a wireless clock system, the secondary clocks both receive and transmit the signal, until all of the clocks are properly updated.

Within the four systems is the option of what type of clock you would want: analog or digital. If you chose the round analog clocks, then you would get the option of the 12” or 16”clock. Sapling also offers a 9” or 12” square clock for more variety within the analog family. Both the round and square clocks have the additional options of customizable hands and dials!

If you chose the digital clocks, then you would be hit with the brand new color customization display options. While red is the standard color option, you will now have the choice between green, white, amber and blue.

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The Benefits of Using 2-Wire Digital Master Clock System

The Benefits of Using 2-Wire Digital Master Clock SystemIf you are considering a wired clock system for your facility, the 2-wired Digital Master Clock System option with Sapling may be the best option for you. Take a look at the unique advantages of this system below. In addition to the written description, check out our video at the bottom to see a visual depiction of how the 2-Wire Digital Clock System works.

Power/Data on the Same Line

Most wired clock systems require three or four wires. With Sapling’s 2-Wire Digital Communication System, the converter box supplies the power and amplifies the data, so that power and data are integrated on the same line. Fewer wires mean a cleaner, less cumbersome and more efficient system.

Instant Correction

As with all of Sapling’s clock systems, our goal is to provide synchronized, accurate time to keep your education, healthcare or business facility operating at its best. The 2-Wire Digital Communication System provides time updates to all of the clocks as often as once per second. With such frequent corrections, your clocks are guaranteed to show the accurate time, all the time. Another auto correction feature is the 5 minute synchronization after a power outage. If power is lost, you won’t have to worry about resetting the clocks or waiting a few hours for them to be re-synchronized. Within five minutes of getting power back, the master clock will send a signal to reset all of the clocks to the accurate time. Even if a power outage causes some temporary chaos in other areas, clock malfunctions or time inaccuracies will not be issues to add to the mix. Sapling takes care of that part for you.

Effortless Installation

The installation of the 2-Wired System is simple and straightforward for a few reasons. First, the low voltage requirement means that you do not need a certified electrician to install the system in most countries. Having two wires going from the master clock to each individual clock instead of four also makes setup quicker and easier. Even if a mistake is made with the two wires, our cutting-edge reverse polarity detection technology will recognize the error and autocorrect it. What could be easier than that?

Hopefully, the only thing easier is making the decision to install Sapling’s 2-Wire Digital Master Clock System for its advanced technological capabilities, ease, accuracy and the superior quality and service that you can expect from Sapling.

The Benefits of Using 2-Wire Digital Master Clock System

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Sapling Introduces New Slim Line Analog Clocks!

Sapling Introduces New Slim Line Analog Clocks!

As a part of our commitment to innovation, Sapling is proud to introduce our new Slim Line Analog Clocks featuring a lower profile, ABS case. The Slim Line Analog Clocks are offered with a black case, a brushed aluminum finish, or a wooden case and are available with all four (IP, Wired, Wireless, and TalkBack) Sapling synchronized clock systems!

Sapling Introduces New Slim Line Analog Clocks!Highlights of the new Slim Line Analog Clocks include:

  • More case options!
  • Solid Wood Case with Cherry Finish
  • Brushed Aluminum Finish
  • New and easier wall mount installation
  • Available in 9″, 12″ and 16″ diameter
  • Black Slim Line Analog Clock and Brushed Aluminum Slim Line Analog Clock can be used with the new Sapling Time Zone Clock
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate crystal with flatter front design
  • Stylish dial and hands options

Sapling’s Slim Line Analog Clocks are expected to be available by the fourth quarter of 2015.

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Sapling’s Master Clock – Leader of the Pack

Sapling’s Master Clock – Leader of the PackThere cannot be a price put on to the value of leadership, which is defined as the action of guiding or managing a group of people or an organization, in any life endeavor. As former President John Quincy Adams one said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” The leader within Sapling’s synchronized clock system is our Master Clock, which are manufactured right here at our headquarters in Huntingdon Valley, Pa.

No matter which Sapling synchronized clock system you choose (Wireless, Wired, IP or TalkBack), the Master Clock is the element that leads the operations of the system. The main task of the Master Clock is to send out the synchronized time signal to all of the clocks within the system. The secondary clocks then receive the time and display it throughout an office or a facility for all to see.

You might be wondering how the Master Clock receives the time. Well, there are three ways:

  • NTP Server
  • GPS Receiver
  • Internal Time Source

Let’s start out by explaining the NTP Server option, which comes standard with a Sapling Master Clock. With this option, the master clock receives its time from an external source via the Internet. With the external NTP server, a user connects the Master Clock to their network and inputs a URL from the NTP server they wish to receive time from.

Sources of NTP time include government facilities, colleges and universities, as well as various corporations. With a Sapling Master Clock, you are able to input up to 10 different NTP server addresses. If the connection with the first NTP server address is lost, the Master Clock will automatically move to the next address that was provided. This ensures that all the clocks in a system will always be displaying the most accurate time possible, even if an NTP server address is lost.

A user also has the option to upgrade Sapling’s Master Clock to be its own internal NTP server for a facility. The main benefit of upgrading Sapling’s Master Clock to an NTP server is that other devices within a facility can be synced up to it so all other devices will be operating with the same exact time.

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The Balancing Act: Transportation

The Balancing Act: TransportationThe Balancing Act Series has returned for yet another exciting installment. This week’s endeavor will show us how Sapling’s TalkBack clock system can help airport professionals in the transportation industry better balance their daily tasks.

An airport manager has a multitude of daily tasks that can be made easier with a system from Sapling. An airport manager’s daily tasks can include overseeing and supervising staff, overseeing fueling operations, managing business development and much more. Worrying about whether or not the clocks are ticking throughout the airport terminals is something that a manager shouldn’t have to worry about. With the assistance of a wireless clock system with TalkBack Technology, worrying about the clocks is a thing of the past.

A TalkBack System operates almost exactly as a wireless clock system does, but with one major difference. Within a wireless clock system, the clocks usually receive the time from the master clock (and surrounding clocks because of the built-in repeaters) and correct to the accurate time. Within a TalkBack system, the clocks are able to receive time the same way, but are also able to communicate their status back to the master clock.

An airport manager can easily monitor all the clocks in an airport and head off any major issues. For example, the manager can sign on to the master clock’s web interface and pull up a report that can show each TalkBack clock, the signal strength, battery status and the mechanical status of the clocks.

We understand that an airport manager is busy and pulling up a report on a regular basis may not be on the to-do list. With Sapling’s TalkBack System, the clock’s administrator can receive email alerts directly to their inbox when a clock is missing or a status report hasn’t been received, if a hand failure occurs on an analog clock or a display failure occurs on a digital clock, or if a clock battery is low (analog clocks only).

With Sapling’s TalkBack system, we want to give you peace of mind knowing that your clocks are operating with the upmost efficiency.

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The Brains of Sapling’s Clock Systems

The Brains of Sapling’s Clock SystemsThe human brain is responsible for everything that we do. It is responsible for the decisions we make, our reasoning behind that decision, and then physically carrying out that decision. The human brain may possess the same general structure as other mammals, but is much larger relative to body size. The brain has control over your information gathering, decision making, and many more fundamental activities. Just like the brain in a human system, the master clock acts as the brain in a Sapling Synchronized Clock System.

In every Sapling system, there is a master clock controlling the secondary clocks within that system. Whether it is wired, wireless, TalkBack, or IP, the master clock is the brains of the organization. Leading the operations, the master clock will first receive the accurate time from an NTP server. It then sends out the signal to the secondary clocks within the system, ensuring every clock is updated with the new time. The secondary clocks will then receive the signal and display the time, or depending on the system, repeat the signal to other secondary clocks.

The Sapling Company’s Master Clocks have many features that make it the most advanced centerpiece within a synchronized clock system.

  • (S)NTP input
  • Available in a rack or wall mount
  • Can interface with other clock systems
  • Built-in web interface that allows you to program the secondary clock from any Internet connection
  • Available with 4 or 8 zones for controlling systems like HVAC that may need to be timed

These are just a few of the features that accompany a master clock. Sapling’s 3000 or 6000 Master Clock or the NTP 8000 also has the ability to start a countdown, which allows the digital secondary clocks to countdown in between classes or breaks. The master clock also has the ability to update automatically for Daylight Saving Time.

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Sapling and School Sports

Sapling and School SportsElementary school is a crucial stage in the development of young students. It is the first stage in which children really begin their academic career. In addition to their academic career, children begin their athletic careers as well. Even as young as 6 years old, kids begin to development their athletic skills, as well as gravitating towards the sports they enjoy. Sports aren’t for everyone, but the majority of children start to become active. Personally, I started playing sports when I was in first grade. Sports are also seasonal and for me it was football in the fall, basketball in the winter and baseball in the spring (sometimes summer too).

My dad, as well as a few other of my classmate’s parents, would volunteer to coach the teams. I may not have realized it then, but the time and effort that goes into organizing a school’s sports team can be somewhat strenuous. The coaches would have to create practice schedules, allocate gym time and communicate with other parents, among other things. An elementary school can really lighten the load on these parent coaches if they were to install a synchronized clock system.

A synchronized time system starts out with master clock, which is the heart of the system. The master clock sends out the accurate time to the secondary clocks, which would then correct to the time the master clock has given. The Sapling Company specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of synchronized clock systems. With one of Sapling’s systems, children’s sports programs can be easier to manage. A synchronized clock system installed in an elementary school would result in displaying the same exact time in all classrooms, the cafeteria and even the gymnasium.

Allocating gym time among different sports teams always has been, and I’m sure continues to be an issue for elementary school coaches. With a Sapling synchronized clock system, transitions from one team to another can operate smoother and timelier. The children can get the most out of their practice, and coaches can work together more efficiently when the schools clocks are synchronized. Depending on what master clock you choose, a school coach can utilize the count down feature. This feature will turn the time display on a digital clock into a count down display. With one glance, students and coaches will know exactly how much practice time is left.

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How Wireless Clocks Assist with a Facility’s Safety

How Wireless Clocks Assist with a Facility’s SafetySupervising and managing a large facility is no walk in the park, especially when you begin to list the countless efforts that must all come together unceremoniously to make sure operations of the facility run efficiently. Large facilities, like hospitals, schools and universities, or businesses, need numerous amounts of these tasks to all come together. Many little things that people take for granted, such as waste management and maintenance work are vital to daily operations.

Perhaps one of the most important jobs of a facility manager, however, is the maintenance of a building’s security system. The safety of a building, and more importantly the people within the buildings, is a task that is always on top of the to-do list. A lack of preparation or awareness could cause catastrophes for not only the business but harming of the safety of the people that liven up the facility. In addition to security systems, another great product installation that aides in safety is a Sapling wireless clock system. Not only will the building operate more efficiently through synchronized time, the building’s security system will become considerably simpler to manage.

A Sapling wireless clock system attains its accurate time from a master clock, which transmits the signal to each individual clock within the system. Furthermore, the master clock is able to automate security systems throughout the building. The master clock has scheduling capabilities which allow a facility manager to consolidate the building’s security system with the wireless clock system. This alleviates the duties of setting alarms or locking doors from humans, which can be subject to error.

Adding a Sapling wireless synchronized clock system into your operations will greatly increase your facility’s and employee’s safety. No short cuts can be taken when people’s safety is the subject matter; there is no value that can be placed on human safety. A Sapling wireless clock system not only improves operational efficiency, but can help increase the high valued and much needed safety and peace of mind for all involved.

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Sapling Time Zone Clocks: Corporate Function & Style

Sapling Time Zone Clocks: Corporate Function & Style

Sapling Time Zone Clocks feature 5 to 7 clocks corresponding to different locations’ time zones, adjacent to one and other on a lightweight aluminum extrusion. Both digital clocks and analog clocks are available options. It is possible to mix and match digital and analog clocks within a single Time Zone Clock System. The Time Zone Clocks are available with the Sapling Wired Clock System, Wireless Clock System, IP Clock System, and Talkback Wireless Clock System.

It is advantageous for any business to always put its best foot forward. Every time a new potential employee or customer walks into your place of business every aspect of the office’s appearance helps shape their perception of your company. There is no better way to convey a professional business environment than with the new Sapling Time Zone Clock. Time zone clocks convey the message that your company has a strong national, or international presence, depending on the cities you choose to include. Integration with a Sapling Synchronized Time System ensures that all clocks react accurately. Analog clocks will have synchronized second hands, and digital clocks will change minutes and seconds simultaneously. Aside from their aesthetic benefits Sapling Time Zone Clocks also provide functional advantages in a corporate setting.

Today the world is much smaller thanks to the proliferation of the internet and modern technology. Even though at times it can feel like we are instantly connected anywhere in the world time zones remain a hurdle for national and international business. Sapling Time Zone Clocks help employees remain cognizant of time differences. Time zone clocks act as a quick reference point to help employees schedule phone meetings, video conferences, and flights outside of time zones with relative ease. Sapling Time Zone Clocks can also help avoid contacting customers at inappropriate times. With a time zone clock you no longer have to worry about accidentally waking up a valued customer who is located on the other side of the country. Keep style and function ingeniously in sync with the purchase of Sapling Time Zone Clocks.

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The Balancing Act: Education

The Balancing Act: EducationThe Balancing Act Series will delve into how Sapling’s synchronized clock systems can help professionals in several different industries better balance their daily tasks.

Educational facilities can become chaotic at times with all of the different activities transpiring throughout the day. Maintaining a certain level of organization can be challenging for the faculty and staff of any school. Daily operations becomes one big balance act for the staff, and even for the students. Teachers in a high school, for example, must balance all of their daily tasks in order to remain on schedule.

Being efficient in time management is a huge asset that can contribute to a much smoother work week for an educator. Teachers must construct a lesson plan, maintain regular office hours, set deadlines, and grant extensions, among many others. Balancing these requirements can be a weary task, and in order to complete them, an effective time management strategy must be deployed. This begins with the installation of a synchronized clock system.

A synchronized time system is a system of clocks within a facility receiving accurate time updates from a master clock. The master clock is able to receive the updated time from an NTP server or GPS, and distributes it among the secondary clock. Sapling manufactures different types of innovative synchronized clock systems, including Wired, Wireless, IP and TalkBack. Sapling’s systems are seen in schools across the country, and assist in helping educators balance their work load every day.

A synchronized clock system from Sapling will ensure all of the bells in a facility are activated at the same time. This will help minimize late students, which can lead to an easier transitions for teachers. With the entire school on the same, synchronized time, teachers can meet with students punctually during office hours. Synchronized clocks can lead to better time management for teaching professionals, which can help them to delegate their tasks efficiently and balance their hefty workload with more simplicity.

Sapling’s synchronized clock systems have been helping teachers balance their daily operations since the company’s conception over two decades ago. The innovative clock systems of Sapling have been pioneers in the clock industry.

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