Network Performance Management

Managing Application PerformanceNMPIC

Your Business relies on your network infrastructure to deliver network applications to your end user.   Network Management software is not enough, with today’s complex networks, you need a Performance First™ approach to network performance  management and application delivery.

Network performance management consists of the ability to measure, model, plan, and optimize your network to ensure that they carry each applications with the speed, reliability, and capacity that is appropriate for the nature of the application, within the cost constraints of the operation.

Network Performance Management

Each application responds differently to the capacity, latency, and reliability that the network delivers.  Knowing how different aspects of the network are behaving is important so application performance can be maintained at an acceptable level

Performance Management – A Four Step Process:

    • Data Collection: Performance data is gathered on variables of interest – such as throughput, user response time and utilization.
    • Analysis:  This data is then analyzed to determine what is normal on the network
    • Thresholds:  For each of the above variables we can set an appropriate threshold, and when a parameter exceeds this threshold an alert will be generated that needs attention.
    • Reporting:  Being able to pull reports for trending and reporting

Telnet Networks works with Partners to deliver the right solution for your network.  Request a consult to see which solution meets your requirements

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