NetFlow Auditor – Webinar July 30th – How to Deliver Immediate Cyber-Security Wins through Baseline Anomaly Detection

Managing the complexity of the IT infrastructure is a major challenge faced by organizations due to growing compliance, regulatory mandates and rising level of sophistication of cybercrime and increased virtualization of servers.

NetFlow Auditor’s Intelligent Baseline Diagnostics provides a dynamic approach to providing qualified intelligence to assist cybersecurity and network professionals in quickly mitigating potential impacts to networks and network-connected systems

Auditor is unique in its ability to consume and retain the full depth of network conversation metadata beyond other tools. Automated diagnostics coupled with detailed forensics delivers actionable and timely detection and intelligence translating to fast identification substantially improving mean time to know and reducing mean time to repair and limiting downtime.

Join John Olson of NetFlow Auditor on July 30th @ 2pm EST to learn:

  • How to de-risk and mitigate negative network impacts using perpetual network behavioral cognition and baselining.
  • How automated diagnostics accelerates problem determination to anticipate network security risks in real time .
  • How to extend NetFlow Auditor’s intelligent diagnostics to other monitoring tasks previously impossible via manual network analytics . and more…

Register for Webinar Here –

Thanks to NetFlow Auditor for the article.


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