Validating Networks with Ixia

We work with majority the top carriers worldwide, as well as many of their largest customers and the companies who provide infrastructure technology for their networks. We’re the “application performance and security resilience” company – we help you make sure technology works the way you expect it to out of the gate, and keeps on doing it throughout the deployment lifecycle.

Today’s mobile subscribers are what we call “tough customers”: they expect instant availability and high performance, all the time, everywhere they go, and they tend to remember the “hiccups” more than all the times everything works just fine. No one has patience for dropped calls or choppy video or slow downloads anymore.

And that’s where Ixia comes in. We helps carriers and other providers worldwide exceed the expectations of their toughest customers. Physical or virtualized, wired or wireless, we can help you build and validate, secure, and optimize networks that deliver.

We do this with powerful and versatile hardware and software solutions, expert global support, and professional services, all designed to ensure user satisfaction and a great bottom line.

So what does this mean to you? What do “validate,” “secure” and “optimize” mean to you?

Let’s start with “validate,” and the beginning stages of the technology lifecycle.

To meet expectations, network designs, upgrades, and expansions all need to be carefully planned –and proven to work—before new technologies and services are put into production. For this you need real data based on realistic scenarios, and to assess performance from subscribers’ point of view.

You can’t rely on vendor data sheets alone to make decisions about new technologies. These specifications may be based on very specific scenarios that don’t address your unique deployment needs and business usage.

And since we know that retooling a network after a launch costs a lot more than getting it right before you go live, you need to validate critical new technologies yourself.

Ixia solutions are used to validate new products and services end-to-end including:

  • Equipment used in LTE networks, HetNets, and Wi-Fi offload
  • The quality of services like VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling
  • Virtualized network functions—these actually need to be validated throughout migration, using a mix of physical and virtualized testing to net the greatest insights every step of the way

Ixia lets you put new designs to the test designs against real-world scenarios, using real-world traffic. Our hardware and software emulates application traffic, scaling to millions of users, across nearly any link speed – including 400GbE.

And, we can tailor use-case scenarios that specifically match the needs of your network and customers. So you’ll see what they’ll see, and how your network responds to peak traffic and scales to meet rising demand.

We help meet two main goals for nearly every project: faster time to market, and lower cost. In one recent virtualization effort, Ixia helped a provider achieve a 25% performance improvement by identifying latency bottlenecks, along with faster time-to-market at a lower total cost.

And that’s just the beginning!

In today’s market, application traffic IS the network, and providers will increasingly be looking to monetize subscribers’ experience with applications and services.

Validating the performance of applications of the network early on in design is a critical step that can’t be overlooked, and that’s Ixia’s focus. Whether it’s games, social media, online banking, video streaming, online shopping, automotive Ethernet, audio/visual services, or the next big thing, customers expect it to just work, and we help you make sure it does.

Partnering with service providers, equipment providers, and enterprises to seamlessly and securely deliver a quality experience to subscribers and customers is Ixia’s business. Once you validate your network design, we can help secure the rollout, and monitor and optimize performance during operation.

Additional Resources:

Ixia virtualization solutions

Thanks to Ixia for the article.


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