Time for Critical Network Operations

Time for Critical Network Operations

While precise time synchronization is necessary to satisfy compliance-based record-keeping, new applications for distributed and high performance computing have raised the bar significantly.

Cloud computing. Big data. Time-sensitive algorithms such as what is found in high frequency securities trading applications. They all require a carefully architected synchronization service integrated into network operations.

Spectracom supports the trends in enterprise networks toward accurate, high availability, scalable, and manageable timing and synchronization across all network clocks that may be distributed across a single rack all the way to global data center operations.

What’s New in Enterprise Timing

Time for Critical Network Operations

Be aware of the leap second, June 30

A leap second is a vulnerability to network clocks. Evaluate and analyze the effect of a leap second on your network timing applications. We can help.

Link to our “Leap Second Problem” video on YouTube

Time for Critical Network Operations- Anycast NTP Network

Simplify server routing with NTP over Anycast

High availability, scalability, simplicity; for large scale deployments, we make it easy.

Read the technical brief

Please contact us for more information on how these recent innovations can improve precision timing to meet these challenges and more for your application.

Spectracom SecureSync® GPS NTP Server

SecureSync® GPS NTP Server

The latest generation of Spectracom secure timing network appliance incudes the most comprehensive set of synchronization and management functions. A GPS-based high bandwidth NTP server is built-in. It is expandable to 4-port, 10/100/1000 MB, high performance PTP grandmaster, and GPS+GLONASS and integrated atomic clock technology.

Spectracom's VelaSync™10 GbE High Speed Time Server

VelaSync™10 GbE High Speed Time Server

Spectracom offers this unique configuration of TimeKeeper sync software, precision GPS timing technology and server hardware to provide high performance time sync over multiple 1 GbE (RJ-45) and 10 GbE (SFP+) network interfaces.

Spectracom's PresenTense Windows NTP Software

PresenTense Windows NTP Software

A suite of software tools for complete management of time synchronization across the elements of your network running Windows.

Thanks to Spectracom for the article


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