Network Device Backup Should Not Be Ignored In Business

Network device backup is vital for any business no matter what the size of the organization.

Multiple Wired to BackupNetwork downtime due to device failure can be accounted for by hardware malfunction or inaccurate changes in the configuration of the device.

Regardless of the cause, you need to find the easiest and fastest way to get your network back up and running.

This means having an up-to-date network backup plan in place that enables you to quickly swap out the faulty device and restore the configuration from backup.

Too often, devices are set up in the network but forgotten soon after. Forgotten, that is, until there’s problem and until it’s too late! Many overlook the first step in network device management, which is to perform regular backups of the configuration.

If a business should experience a failure of any device on the network, without a backup of the configuration the IT staff will not be able to easily get the device working smoothly once again. The more complex or advanced the device in question, the greater the problem can be.

A third of businesses face a potentially serious problem maintaining network stability, because they fail to make copies of the settings of all devices on their network.

Techworld ran a survey and found that 33% of companies do not back up their network device configurations.

Maintaining regular and up to date backups is a vital piece of network management.

The reason why you should have a backup device configuration in place is as follows:

  1. Quick reestablishment of device configs.
  2. Reduced downtime due to failed devices.
  3. Disaster recovery and business continuity.
  4. Network compliance.

These are all key components to the success of your organization. If you would like to find out more about network device back up click below to receive your free whitepaper.

NMSaas Top 10 Reasons to Consider a SaaS Based Solution


Thanks to NMSaaS for the article.



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