What is Lurking in Your Network’s Blind Spots? Find Out with Ixia’s Visibility Architecture

Ixia’s Visibility Architecture solution easily integrates into data center environments to help enterprises and service providers achieve greater visibility into and performance for rapidly growing complex networks.

Today’s networks continue to grow in size and complexity, presenting new challenges for IT and network administrators. More users are connecting using multiple mobile devices consuming more data from more sources – and many of those apps are hosted on virtualized infrastructure. What’s worse is users, both internal and external, have increasingly high expectations for always-on access and immediate application response.

This complexity and growth often results in “blind spots” on the network. Blind spots are where issues grow, and security threats propagate. These blind spots arise when there is a lack of end-to-end visibility. Why is there a lack of end-to-end visibility? A lack of SPAN and tap ports can limit monitoring tool access to data. Duplicated packets from SPAN ports can overwhelm limited tool capacity. And monitoring quite often fails to keep up with network upgrades resulting in lack of monitoring tool capacity and/or budget.

Network blind spots can be costly and risk-filled because they increase the risk of network downtime, decreased user experience, security events, noncompliant audit results and impacts to application performance.

Because as much as 80% of traffic in today’s data center is “east-west” traffic between applications, any visibility solution must provide for monitoring traffic on both the physical and virtual network easily, regardless of what hypervisor solution is in use.

Finally, visibility can refer to out-of-band monitoring and in-band security inspection and enforcement.

So, how do you address all these visibility challenges and start eliminating the blind spots? We at Ixia are focused on building solutions for our customers, not selling product. And we believe the new Ixia Visibility Architecture is a unique, integrated solution that addresses all these needs for enterprise and service provider organizations.

If you’d like to learn more, watch the following Visibility Architecture video or spend some time browsing our website.

Ixia Network Visibility Video

Additional Resources:

Ixia’s Visibility Architecture: A New Perspective On Network Visibility

Thanks to Ixia for the article.

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