Webinar – The 5 Questions a Network Manager Needs to Know

NMSaaS CTO John Olson will take an in-depth look at what the real driving factors are behind every problem in Network Management. John will show you that although Network Management may be thought of as extremely complicated with many diverse areas of specialty, in reality there are only 5 questions that every network manager really needs to think about.

  1. What equipment do I have in my network?
  2. Are any of my critical applications or network devices broken?
  3. Why are my critical applications slow?
  4. Is my IT infrastructure secure?
  5. How quickly can I recover if something fails?

To register for this upcoming webinar please click here


John will show you how NMSaaS is a cloud based network management platform, that will address each of these questions.

What is NMSaaS

1.  NMSaaS is the world’s first, enterprise class and service provider capable cloud based network management solution

2.  The NMSaaS platform has been used for over 10 years and manages more than 1 million devices worldwide.

3.  NMSaaS can scale to even the largest networks and is a complete solution for:

a) Device discovery, asset management and network mapping

b) Comprehensive performance monitoring including, SNMP, WMI, NetFlow, IPSLA, End user experience monitoring, synthetic transaction, VoIP and Video Monitoring, and log analysis

c) Fully featured Fault monitoring for availability, performance, SLA’s, traps, syslogs and more

d) Device configuration backup, restore, config pushes, and compliance checking

4.  All of this can be deployed in minutes without having to spend a fortune on dedicated on-premise servers which need to constantly be upgraded and maintained.

NMSaaS is completely vendor agnostic and supports over 500 vendor devices and server OS’s and can easily support any new device or application in minutes.

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