3 Top Security Strategies for Packet Capture Devices

JDSU Network Instruments- 3 Top Security Strategies for Packet Capture Devices

With data breaches making headlines almost daily, it is important to ensure adequate security for the data traversing your network, but what about data at rest?

Packet capture appliances installed as part of an integrated performance management platform can speed troubleshooting and protect the integrity of the network. They can also be a tempting target for hackers. Raw packet content on these devices can be anything from credit card information to financial records and unregulated access to this volume of data can be devastating. It is important to know your performance management solution’s security features and how to use them in a way that supports your organization’s overall strategy.

Observer GigaStor has been purpose-built, with data security as a key concern. The appliance and its internal Gen2 capture card, provide a level of encryption that is consistent with high-level enterprise standards.

Opt for High-Level Encryption

Like data in motion, in order to enable end-to-end network security, data at rest must be adequately protected. Prior to writing anything to physical disk within the packet capture device, it must be encrypted with the same AES-256 encryption used throughout the most secure enterprise networks. This facilitates the protection of vast stores of information, up to a petabyte of data, and extends the lifespan of your solutions. It also guarantees that even if a physical breach occurs, data recovery of non-secured content would be prevented.

Make Sure to Multitask

Not all packet capture solutions are purpose-built to keep up with line rate while managing 256-bit encryption. GigaStor encrypts all data as it writes with no loss of power.

Hide Your Keys

With GigaStor, you can store encryption keys on, or off the device for an added level of protection.

BONUS: Become Invisible

GigaStor can be configured to be “network invisible,” without broadcasting any MAC or IP address. For high-level security applications, this type of configuration is optimal. The internal Gen2 capture card has been purpose-built to allow for a physical-only capture environment with no remote access or availability. Now you see it – now you don’t.

Is your performance management solution a target for attackers?

This data security white paper offers a three-point strategy to detect vulnerabilities that could leave your performance monitoring tools open to unauthorized access.

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Network Instruments Data Security and Performance Management

Thanks to Network Instruments for the article.


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