Infosim® Global Webinar Day, October 30th, 2014- Stop flying blind through cloud services!

Join Peter Moessbauer, Strategic Alliances Manager for a Webinar on how to monitor and ensure cloud services quality with Infosim® StableNet®.

This Webinar will provide insight into:

  • How to deploy a cost-efficient distributed monitoring solution from the cloud user´s perspective.
  • How to leverage our new StableNet® Agents deployed on a Raspberry / Banana Pi type platform to:
    • Monitor services infrastructure availability and performance from the user’s perspective.
    • Run active End-to-End tests for VoIP and video services from customer sites.
    • Proactively spot service outages and degradations before your customers will notice them.
  • How to roll out monitoring and service assurance management while keeping pace with your cloud services offerings.

Register today and reserve your seat in the desired timezone:

AMERICAS, Thursday, October 30th, 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm EDT (GMT-4)
EUROPE, Thursday, October 30th, 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm CET (GMT+1)
APAC, Thursday, October 30th, 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm SGT (GMT+8)

A recording of this webinar will be available for all who register!

For more information, check out these resources

Infosim’s Five Steps to Building Total Visibility and Control of your Cloud Infrastructure using StableNet


StableNet® – WHITE PAPER Managing End-­to-­End VoIP Networks

Thanks to Infosim for the article. 




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