Five Things That Keep NCCM/Network Engineers Awake At Night, How To Solve Them With Infosim®StableNet® And Enjoy Your Life

Solution Strengths

  • comprehensive solution for Configuration, Performance and Fault Management
  • unified code base eliminates need for fault prone module/product integration
  • ultra scalable architecture, nothing gets added that could impact scalability
  • End-to-End awareness delivers automated dependencies, Root-Cause and
  • delivers massive automation benefits
  • ROI in months, not years

Issue #1 “What do I have on my network?”

  • large networks are constantly changing, keeping up with that change manually is all but impossible
  • solution: the StableNet® advanced discovery ensures every manageable device is in the inventory
  • records key hardware and software information for a device including part numbers and serial numbers

Infosim's StableNet

Issue #2 “Do I even know when a change has been made to a device?”

Infosim's StableNet

  • solution: StableNet® can detect changes even when made directly to a device via a console cable or remote console session such as Telnet
  • engineers do not have to change the way they work –StableNet®NCCM will still detect and record their changes
  • identifies the changes that were made and, if the information is available, the user who made them

Issue #3 “Do I have accurate backups of all my critical device configurations?”

Infosim's StableNet

  • solution: StableNet® can perform full device backup including all configuration files
  • backup engine can handle multiple concurrent operations

#3 Continued -Snapshot Troubleshooting Information

Infosim's StableNet

  • snapshot information for troubleshooting can be captured at the same time as a backup for use in other processes

Issue #4 “Do all of my devices meet my corporate compliance policies?”

Infosim's StableNet

  • governments and industry regulators require organizations to conform to standard best practices
  • in order to become compliant with these regulations such as PCI, ISO27001, FCAPS, ITIL, SOX, HIPPA, and others, device configuration should conform to these standards
  • solution: StableNet® assists greatly with this regulatory requirement by automatically checking for compliance to the rules defined. Reports on policy compliance and violations are available out-of-the-box
  • configuration rules can be built on simple text or advanced snippets
  • all rules can be positive match or negative match
  • snippets can be ‘section’ oriented which, for example, allows rule application to every interface on a device

Issue #5 “ What am I doing about device lifecycle management?”

Infosim's StableNet

  • solution: reduce exposure to risk by identifying devices that are no longer sold, covered by manufacturer service agreements or at the end of their operating life
  • enables planning for future hardware replacement in line with corporate standards
  • simple interface to manage End-of-Life/-Service and sales notifications
  • checks devices, modules and software images for current status

Thanks to Infosim for the article.

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