Ixia’s v7.8 Director and Director Pro Release Empowers Customers with More Flexibility and Security Controls

The Net Optics Director family of smart filtering appliances (Network Packet Brokers) directs traffic of interest to monitoring tools in order to relieve oversubscription, leverage tool investment across groups, and centralize monitoring in the NOC.

As part of the new Director 7.8 software release, we are introducing several new key features for the Director and Director Pro product lines:

  • Port behavior configuration options are enabled for customers: Previously, network ports were bi-directional, that is, they could transmit and receive, even when unidirectional communications were intended. In this release, users can choose whether a port is receive only (RX), transmit only (TX), or keep the default setting (both RX and TX). While not required, this allows customers to further strengthen their security best practices.
  • Syslog enhancements make the product more secure: An enhancement was made to the syslog messages to record histories of every configuration change made by users. Now you’ll know who, what, where, when and how changes were made. Users can enable audit logs by issuing a log set audit on command line. Refer to the Director CLI Guide for more information on this command.
  • Native IPv6 support: IPv6 support was enhanced to allow users to configure logging, NTP, upgrade server, and tunnel settings. This change affects the CLI, Web UI, and SNMP interfaces.
  • Pro engine settings added to the Web UI make it more flexible and easy to use: The Pro Engine feature was added to the Director’s Web UI. Previously, you could only configure the Pro Engine settings using Director’s CLI.

For more information, see this link: http://customer.netoptics.com/portal/login.asp

Additional Resources:

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