Amazingly Scalable Network Visibility with the NTO 7300

Over the past year I have had the pleasure of speaking to dozens of large enterprise and service provider customers who have been experiencing rapid increases in bandwidth, application complexity, overall scale, and the management challenges that come with them. While each network carries its own unique characteristics and challenges, through those conversations I learned that they are no longer just trying to get the “plumbing” to work, but are trying to ensure application viability, customer experience, and a competitive edge to their businesses in the rapidly changing landscape of networking. These challenges, in short, are much more complex than those faced in the early days of network plumbing.

NTO-7300To help customers manage these network challenges and deliver value to the business, Ixia is releasing the NTO 7300, a key component of the Visibility Architecture. The NTO 7300 chassis provides industry-leading density, scalability, and unified visibility that gives IT the ability to leapfrog their competition and manage rapid change. No matter what tools you are using to ensure network performance and security, the NTO 7300 helps you maximize those investments.

Now, at this point you may be looking at the above photo and thinking “Wow, that’s a beautiful piece of hardware,” – and you would be right. But you may also be thinking “Great, does the world need another big chassis switch?” Ah, I’m glad you asked! The NTO 7300 is a different kind of monitoring switch (aka, a Network Packet Broker) and here are a few ways that Ixia worked to deliver the best tool in the industry for network visibility:

  • Fantastic density. The 7300 provides over 3.8Tb of backplane capacity in just 7U, 3x the density available before today.
  • Seamless scalability. With up to 384 port of 10GE or 96 port of 40GE at full wire speed, no matter the configuration, the 7300 solves scalability challenges in even the largest networks.
  • Amazing reliability. The 7300 offers redundancy in all key components and is built around Ixia’s field-proven Network Visibility Operating System (NVOS).

To learn more, please visit the NTO 7300 product page or contact us to see a demo!

Additional Resources:

NTO 7300

Visibility Architecture

Thanks to Ixia for the article.


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