See The Future by Creating it – Net Optics 2013 Network Update

Net Optics What to Watch out For in 2013When it comes to achieving total network visibility, it’s not enough to keep up with market demands. One must anticipate future needs, evolving network requirements and increasingly complex security threats. Over the past 17 years, we at Net Optics have consistently been first to market with prescient solutions: inventing the network Tap and introducing the first and only Virtualization Tap and first 100Gb Tap.

As we enter 2013, the question is: with what technological trend should we familiarize ourselves? In other words, where are things headed in our industry?

I believe this year we will be hearing a lot about Software Defined Networking. (If you aren’t yet familiar with SDN, read John Ross’ blog post.) As we move into converged environments, an SDN strategy is crucial. Total visibility into such environments presents a variety of challenges, especially when dealing with multi-deployment. multi-vendor implementations. SDN strategies incorporating Net Optics’ family of Total Application and Network Visibility solutions allow packet forwarding and filtering by policy vs. routing protocols for a full view of physical, virtual and private clouds. When you think about it, our Director products have been doing this by redirecting traffic based on a set of network monitoring objectives instead of actual traffic.

This coming year, the market will also continue to see more industry consolidation. Network Packet Brokering point solutions no longer suffice. End-to-end visibility can only be achieved via a combination of NPB and Application-Aware NPM, such as our Best of Interop Finalist Spyke working in tandem with a complete application and network visibility system managed by a Visibility Management System (VMS) that enables total management of this infrastructure.

A new visibility architecture must supplant the silos of the past and take into account the unique challenges presented by converged environments. One can no longer rely solely on solutions geared toward physical networks when working within a combined physical, virtual and private cloud ecosystem.

For Net Optics, 2012 has been a year of large investments into new technologies that further broaden our breadth of products within our market. This is where our next growth will come from in 2013 as old products become commoditized.

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