IQ Services Introduces Virtual Customer 101

Meet Virtual Customer 101™

A process that measures your technology-focused Customer Experience.

Continuing their innovative approach to communications and contact center evaluation, IQ Services introduces VC101™. VC101 deploys a Virtual Customer™ to test and evaluate contact center technology based upon one’s desired Customer Service Experience performance.

To implement the Virtual Customer we initially meet with the client’s internal team to understand initial guidelines for the development of their Virtual Customer. From this initial meeting, we develop a proposal to take each client through the CIA™ process — Communication Intelligence Assessment™ (CIA). The CIA meeting allows us to ask probing questions to ensure the VC101 process addresses critical issues for each company.  Once the Virtual Customer is created, they are then programmed to provide an unbiased and objective report on the real experience customers are having with the client’s contact center. VC101 allows companies to address problems quickly and determine whether or not their brand promise is being delivered at every level.

Jim Jenkins, IQ Services CEO, states,”When you rely upon technology to deliver great customer service experience,VC101 makes sure the technology is supporting your brand promise.”For more on VC101, click here

Our mission is to give companies the confidence that their contact center andcommunication solution investments deliver customer satisfaction and cost-saving returns.

“We are thrilled to have introduced a new way for companies to prevent problems, address issuesearly, and maintain ROI,” says Russ Zilles, President & COO of IQ Services.


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