Doing it right! Deploying new Contact Center Solutions

If you have gone through the cost and expense of deploying a new IVR or contact Center Solution, you know some of the unexpected surprises that you run into.    In a recent survey 96% of respondents said they would switch to a competitor as a result of a bad experience with a contact center.   So getting it right the first time is very important to maintaining your business.

The Bottom Line

Test the Design
Test before Deployment
  • Failover Testing
Test After Deployment
  • Regression Testing

If an application doesn’t perform the way it needs to, customers are going to turn to your agents – or your competitors – to get the level of service they requireBy Testing your system before and during deployment you can ensure that your system is delivering the high quality experience to your customers.


Maintaining the Health of Your Virtual Network

“Mobility of VMs, easier replication for disaster recovery, and faster restore capabilities will require that the network is kept in tip-top shape.”

We can’t stress this enough, keeping your network healthy is vital to getting the most value from your server virtualization investment. Read this VMware-commissioned white paper that has deep relevance for your own strategy:
  • First and foremost, think of virtualization as a strategy rather than a technology. It’s not like upgrading to the latest server architecture—instead, deploying server virtualization offers a new way of thinking about IT resources and business process.
  • Optimize your environment before virtualizing…consider the applications/data that need to be available and protected the most, those you could live without for a day and those you might actually want to archive.
  • Be aware of the impact that virtualization can have on servers, networks, storage, and staff.