A Better Experience

The other day I purchased a new laptop from HP and I wanted to upgrade the operating system from the installed XP Pro to Windows 7 PRO.  I ended up with some trouble figuring this out not using the upgrade disk correctly, so I put I decided to call Tech Support.  Based on previous calls to other vendors I expected the usual run around and actually it started a little bit that way.  At first I called and was told this was the wrong number and they would transfer me – off course dropped call.  So found another number and called in, well within a minute I had an agent and she was going to help me out – not only did she get me going but called me back twice to make sure everything was going the way I expected it and if I had any questions.   Sure there are improvements the dropped call, and sometimes voice quality was little shaky, and the pronunciation was sometimes a little hard to understand  – but overall this is the best experience I have had with a PC manufacturer in years.  Compared to may last experience, when I got through to the automated systems and they told me that my wait time was 5 hours.  I think HP is heading in the right direction, keep up the good work.