Empower Your Security Monitoring with Deep Packet Inspection


Now you can block network intrusion, data loss prevention and other security threats more effectively than ever before.  Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is a key feature of Net Optics innovative Director Pro Solution that lets you pre-screen and pre-filter traffic with unrivaled precision and policy granularity.  Its vital to enterprises, cloud computing providers and telecommunications operators.  DPI supports diverse applications including;

  • Advanced network management
  • User services
  • Security Functions
  • Internet Data Mining
  • Legal eavesdropping
  • Compliance and Governance

Search the whole Packet and take instant action

As a packet passes a DPI point, it is scanned for protocol non-compliance, intrusions, or any predefined criteria, so you can act instantly to resolve any issues.  Unlike shallow packet inspection, which checks only the packet header, DPI lets you search anywhere in the packet based on rules that you set up.  Setting up rules with DPI also reduces the load on analysis devices

DPI is essential to Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPSs), application firewalls, and data loss prevention devices.  The ability to pre-filter data enables Director Pro to optimize the performance of all security and monitoring tools.  DPI’s sophisticated function help make your entire security strategy more efficient and productive.


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