World-First Advances in Network Access with Director Pro

Director Pro is the world’s first and only Network Controller Switch offering the most sophisticated groundbreaking technology for network access and monitoring. Developed on the award-winning Director™ platform, Director Pro’s next-generation architecture offers 24/7 high performance and failover protection for mission-critical network access.

Integrated Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) enables visibility beyond the packet header and deep into the payload. DPI provides more efficient filtering of network traffic so that monitoring and security tools only see the data they need.

Dynamic Load Balancing evenly distributes network traffic flows across an assortment of tools in real-time preventing over-subscription and under-utilization. DPI and Dynamic Load Balancing optimize the performance of security and monitoring tools for maximum ROI.

Testing from the Top of the Stack

At the risk of sounding a little older do you remember or heard about the trays of punchcards an the clunk clunk clunk clunk card readers?  If you do remember this then you probably remember saying when a problem happened  “…but I only changed one card!!”  The lesson I learned from that experience is that you have to test the stack together, not just the individual pieces by themselves.

Today we have many tools to help us monitor what is happening on the network and with each of the devices on the network.  Tools like protocol testers, sniffers, network assessment, are all important and very necessary but is it sufficient?

No!  Because it’s all about whether or not your contact center solutions can be used the way you want them to be used under the traffic conditions you expect. Not just whether or not the servers respond to a ping or a traceroute, and your ports are provably secure from attack.

Your customers interact at the top of the stack, not somewhere down in the layers. The layers all have to happily interact with each other but in the end it’s about what happens when someone tries to use it, not just whether or not your monitoring solution shows no red or amber alarms.

You need more than your technology’s inside-out view of the world to make sure your customers are being served. In this situation, the top-down view is the one that matters.

Test and monitor at the top of the stack and you’ll know how your customers are really being treated by your technology.

Managing Absenteeism by Creating An Inspiring Vision- March 30th, 2010

The Ottawa Regional Contact Centre Association (ORCCA) is putting on a great meeting in Ottawa on Managing Absenteeism by creating an Inspiring Vision, and Pierre Aube from ING Direct will be speaking to this topic.  Below is the outline and what the topic will cover.  If you are not part of ORCCA there is a small charge, but if you are part of the Contact Centre industry this is a must see event.

How many of you have started your day only to find out that one or more of your agents called in sick?   Obviously, there will be tactical steps you need to take to recover the day.  But more problems will surface if you use a short-term remedial approach.  You really need a strategic look at attendance management.

Absenteeism can be a very costly component of the contact centre operation.  But aside from the direct loss of productivity from the absent agent(s), you have to factor in the hidden costs such as decreased quality of work and impact on customer satisfaction, increased overtime costs, and the impact on the morale of other agents who are often left to pick up the slack.

Many team leaders struggle with how best to manage absenteeism, and work effectively with employees to improve results.  How many of you have considered how your centre’s demographics affect your absenteeism rate?  The causes of absenteeism may be very different if your workforce is predominately female with a median age of 30 versus a centre with a predominately male workforce with a median age of 50.  Understanding your demographics and the drivers of absenteeism will help you target your actions in those areas so they will have the greatest return.

ING Direct believes their Vision is the KEY to their success in keeping absenteeism so low – changing the perception of HAVING to come to work, to a feeling of WANTING to come to work.  In this session, Pierre will share how ING Direct…
Manages to consistently keep absenteeism below 5%
Tracks and actions absenteeism
Takes  accountability for absenteeism results

Date: Tuesday – 30 March 2010
Time:         2:30 pm – 3:00 pm – Registration & Networking
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm – Interactive Session
Location: Nepean Sailing Club, 3259 Carling Ave.

Cost: Free to ORCCA members and $30 for non-members  (payable in advance by Visa or MasterCard).
Register early to avoid disappointment.

Net Optics Director Pro – Breakthrough Technology for Access and Monitoring

Director Pro is the worlds first Network Controller Switch.  It’s an exciting and innovative way to access and monitor  network traffic with groundbreaking technology.  Deep packet inspection (DPI) and dynamic load balancing provides 24/7 high performance and failover protection.  Built on the award-winning Director platform, Director Pro’s next generation architecture offers industry-leading network access for mission-critical services

Director Pro integrates these revolutionary features

  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Dynamic Load Balancing
  • B-Directional Port Configuration
  • Hot-Spare Ports
  • Data Rate Conversion
  • Hot-Swappable dual AC or DC power

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) enables visibility beyond the packet header and into the payload.  DPI technology matches patterns in the Layers 5 -7 and expedites traffic management by examining the payload for user-specified content.  This capability more efficiently filters traffic for forwarding to the correct monitoring and security tools.  Pre-screening and pre-filtering traffic makes Intrusion Prevention Systems, Data Loss Prevention, Activity Monitoring and web Security Gateways more effective

Truly Dynamic Load Balancing reacts to current states in the balance of traffic forwarding.  Real-time direction of traffic evenly distributes packets across an assortment of tools preventing over-subscription or under utilization. with Dynamic Load Balancing, you receive optimal resource deployment and maximum throughput for maximum ROI on your monitoring tools.

Director Pro is the industry’s first network access solution providing pre-filtering of network traffic with DPI to optimize the performance of security and monitoring tools.  it offers uniques capabilities in a compact and simple-to-use design in order to maximize the security and performance monitoring required in today’s networks.

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