HeartBeat™ by the Numbers

This webinar was presented on August 6Th by Mike Burke Of IQ Services at the Contact Center Performance Forum.   The topic of the of this webinar was “Great Customer Experiences Start with Consistently High Performing Technology”   How do you create a positive customer experience if the technology required to handle and deliver the calls to the agent fails!   When your customer finally do get through they’ve already been preconditioned with a lousy experience, and who will they take it out on?  The CSRs of course!

During a typical month we generate anywhere from half a million to 600,000 calls with our HeartBeat service which generates test calls one-at-a time around the clock to ensure that your systems are available and working as intended, and if not a notification is generated.  A surprising fact that became apparent is that anywhere from 4% to upwards of 6% of these calls encountered some kind of availability or performance issue?

Of these calls we corrected for repeat issues (ones that last for a while and are therefore detected over & over again), this is the distribution we saw:

So out of 600,000 test calls in a typical month, 12,000 are answered incorrectly, or not at all,  another 12,000 arecustomersbeing led on a wild goose chase all the way to the point of finally being able to retrieve the info they need only to find out it wasn’t actually available.  And another 6,000 callers are just getting cut off – they get to start all over again.

So as a call center manager working hard to keep your people and your customers and your business units all happy, and you don’t know if the technology you are counting on to take care of your customers and offload to your agents is doing the job or not.  I know it seems that 94% sounds like an “A”, but in a contact center can we really afford 5% of your customer interactions not starting off on the right foot.

This Webinar discusses the value of learning what is happing in your system today so that you can make improvements and help improve your Customer Experience.

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