How to Simplify Network Tool Management and Increase there Efficiency

Network visibility is crucial so that you are aware of what is happening on your network. The issue is that network tools are expensive especially 10 Gig tools, and we are limited by the number of SPAN ports and TAPS available to attach our tools to. Since monitoring allows us to avoid problems with security, application performance and downtime we are often forced to make tradeoffs to prioritize where the risk is at, leaving some areas of the network unmonitored

As we continue to add more tools to the network, we increase the complexity and the ability to troubleshoot and monitor security threats. Net Optics Director, enables you to pool your monitoring tools to handle more traffic, more links, and more protocols. With Director as the hub of your monitoring access platform (MAP), dozens or hundreds of critical high-volume data links can be dynamically connected to a sub-station of monitoring tools. With TapFlow filtering you can ensure that each tool sees only the traffic-of-interest for its particular purpose. You can find more information on director here.


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