State of the Network

State of the NetworkFrom virtualization to unified communication, emerging technologies are quickly changing the way you manage networks.   With the economy impacting every facet of society, it wasn’t surprising that the network is not immune from its effect. The need to reduce costs not only means IT staffs are managing leaner and meaner networks, it also generated higher than expected adoption rates for technologies like virtualization and unified communications. Network Instruments queried nearly 450 network professionals, it was clear that cost savings will be the primary driver for technology adoption over the next two years.

Key statistics in the report are:


  • 75% of respondents have implemented virtualization
  • 75% lacked adequate tools, visibility, or information to troubleshoot problems

Economic Impact

  • 73% were being asked to do more with fewer resources
  • 65% of IT staffs had not experienced layoffs

Performance Troubleshooting

  • 80% cited identifying the problem source as their primary troubleshooting concern
  • 40% identified ensuring application performance as their biggest challenge

Unified Communications

  • 60% will have implemented video by 2010
  • 57% will have implemented unified messaging systems by 2010

You can download the full report here



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